Annie Leibovitz: Life Through a Lens

Yesterday, before it started raining and I decided to make art, I watched Annie Leibovitz's documentary. It was so incredible to see how she does all she does and how she started at Rolling Stone. Definitely a must see!
Nothing Like a Rainy Summer Day

It's too hot to go anywhere. Maybe I was too lazy to go anywhere but yesterday's rainy day made for a perfect excuse to paint. I'm pretty pleased with the result! Let's all stay in!


Last week I brought some fresh shrimp over to my friends Josh and Gino's house for an early supper. They whipped up this great shrimp salad using finely chopped celery, onions, and dill. They cooked the onions and celery for a few minutes in a pan, added dill, spices and shrimp. They then placed the shrimp atop a bed of mixed greens that were tossed in a creole tomato dressing. Voila!



Finally! We hired someone to paint the bricks in the new gallery space and they didn't show up.  With everything already taped up and secure for the painters, we decided to go ahead and paint it ourselves (thank you Eileen!).  With one handy paint sprayer and two masks we got busy. We even sprayed the beams.  It is sooo much brighter and the art looks amazing against the white.  Many said I shouldn't paint it but now I know I did the right thing.  Whew! Glad that's done...now onto painting more bricks outside! Come visit!



I just loved this! Talk a about a girl that just wants to have fun...Cyndi Lauper has that down.



A few months ago, I agreed to foster a small Long-Haired Daschund for my Mother.  She works tirelessly as an animal rescuer for an animal shelter in North Louisiana.  After having success fostering and finding a home for a wire-haired Jack Russell Terrier, I thought I was really getting good at the foster home angle. Little did I know, that Zippy would steal my heart.  So now I have three dogs.  It's a bit much but I couldn't trade any of them for anything.  And now I have a shopkeep! If anyone is interested in a dog like Zippy let me know.  There are twenty small dogs that were rescued this week from a hoarder and they are all in need of love and homes.  Homeless adopted animals make wonderful companions and they will be eternally grateful!


Last Friday, I officially became the owner of beautiful building on Magazine Street!! It is an 1840's building that was the site of the first Federal Pharmacy.  It's all brick and beautiful.  I have my studio and showroom downstairs with a courtyard and warehouse and my apartment upstairs with a wraparound balcony.  This is one of the main reasons I've been neglecting the blog.  Trying to move, getting set-up, and closing on the property took priority over everything else.  Now I can resurface! Please stop by and see the new space-it's at 1382 Magazine Street, on the corner of Magazine and Terpsichore.  (four blocks uptown from the interstate) I love my new neighborhood and my new neighbors! There's even a really great coffee shop across the street called the Corner Muse.  I feel so lucky and so excited!

This weekend I made a trip down to the French Quarter to buy a record player.  I had met Kent (the owner) the afternoon before at the Chart Room and was excited to know he would be there the next day.  Peaches Records has been in his family for years and is the place to go for records here in New Orleans.  The Ion player that I bought can hook up to your computer so you can preserve your records and share them with friends.  I picked up a great Lou Rawls album, some Earth Wind and Fire, and some Hall and Oates.  Most new albums are coming out on vinyl too which is so fun! Definitely worth a trip, and ask for Kent!


A few friends and I are participating in another curated sale and show through Transport Studio.  The last show featured my work and Hayley Gaberlavage''s recent paintings. This show will feature selections from Gogo Borgerding and Gerrie Bremermann  as well as mine and Hayley's.  Please preview the work and I would love for you forward it onto anyone else that may be interested.  The sale will go live friday Feb.11th, 12th, and 13th.  Thanks y'all!



I walked down to Bush Antiques the other day to bite the bullet and buy a French three-quarters daybed that had been haunting me.  I started to talking to the very talented Andy from the shop and he asked me when I was going to update my blog.  I was thinking the same thing and I promised I would post soon.  When I walked into the shop, I found my post.  Andy had just completed the top vignette and the colors and compostition were so beautiful.  I wanted to share it and thank Andy for inspiring me to get back into some blogging....Enjoy!



I've been working on creating three new fabric designs. We are offering them in four different types of cotton; linen, cotton sateen, jersey, and upholstery twill fabrics. We are featuring them for an introductory blog price of $50 a yard. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you would like to order a yard or a bolt for a project. They look amazing in person! I can't wait to see how everyone uses them. My email address is studioamandatalley@gmail.com

(If you click on the word fabric in the title above it will take you to more photos of the fabrics and a write-up by Erin at Elements of Style)


WHAT TO GIVE............?

We can pack and ship these small paintings wrapped if you are looking for holiday presents. They range in price from $120-400. Just give us a call 504-595-3136 or email studioamandatalley@gmail.com for more detailed photographs of particular pieces. (they do look much better in person!) Happy Holidays!



I wanted to share some information about Lara Matthews and her intuitive abilities. Lara is a very open and amazing person that has the ability to see into the lives of others with stunning accuracy. I was introduced to Lara through a college friend and spoke to her last week. My reading was so helpful and reassuring that I felt completely at ease and it gave me some much needed insight. I thought it would be interesting to ask Lara a few questions about her unique profession and she graciously obliged.

1. When you a performing a reading, do you see more images or are you presented with words or sound?

To be honest every reading is unique and I will sometimes see more images with one client, and hear words more with others. It is not unusual for me to also smell certain scents during readings.

2. Do you find that sharing your skill refines it or is that skill always present regardless of use?
I have heard people say that if you don't 'use it, you lose it' I guess in some respects that might be true although from a small child I 'heard' and 'saw' things. No matter how much I tried to block out these images, sounds and intuitive 'feelings' the clear messages never went away. Later in life I learnt how to make sense of these messages and to work with them, which led me to the rewarding occupation I have today.
3. Could you explain a little bit about our spirit guides?
They are certainly an interesting 'bunch'. I have 9 guides who choose to work with me - 6 Gentlemen and 3 ladies. They seem to work together in groups of 3, and have quite unique characters although as a group they seem to offer information from 3 different perspectives. When I am reading for a client, usually one particular group will assist me depending on the situation and questions I am looking into. There is no general rule of thumb as to how information come to me. Sometimes my guides will assist me solely, and on other occasions I have a mixture of pictures, intuitive knowledge and Spirit Guide Messages.
Everyone seems to want to know their names, and I have often asked my Spirit Guides what they would like to be called but I am told continually "It matters not what you choose to call us - the information we impart is of greater importance'. I like to refer to them as "The Ladies that do" (I perceive this group as 3 maiden Aunt like ladies who hint responses at the gentler questions) "The learnéd Gents (These guys will stand no messing about and would rather respond to answers of an intellectual, Political or educational nature) and 'The Guys' - 3 more down to earth characters who are a little more free and easy with their language. They will 'tell you how it is' on a more mundane level.
4. If you could be anywhere in the world right now, where would that be?
Right here is good for the moment ;)
5. Do you have clients with recurring set appointments or is it more random when people contact you?
Many of my clients contact me for readings on a monthly basis, some randomly and some even on a yearly basis. I read at Holistic and Psychic Fairs throughout the year and my website attracts quite a few reading enquieries. Word of mouth, however' has always worked well for me.

6. What is your favorite thing about your work/profession?
It is wonderful for me to see people making positive change in their lives. When I read for someone I often tell them how it will be if they choose to do nothing and follow the course of their life as it is, and then show them what could be with a few positive changes. I am happier when I give readings of empowerment, suggesting ways to make positive change and attract more abundance and prosperity. Many people come to me thinking that their destiny is written in stone when in reality our life path is very much what we make it to be. It is possible to change everything in life for the better, and working with people to manifest positive change is the most rewarding part of my job. I am not a healer although I work with energy to effect healing and change - I am merely a facilitator. My clients do all the work. Accompanying them on their own particular journey and holistic metamorphosis is so rewarding, words alone are not sufficient to express my joy and feeling of deep contentment.

Contact Lara through her website for a consultation and more information



I'm very excited to introduce a three day art sale of my and Hayley Gaberlavage's paintings at 30 percent off retail prices.
please click on the above link to preview the sale

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